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There is nothing like planning your first safari -there are so many opportunities for exploration and relaxation, so many ideas to consider. With a map of Africa laid out before you, the possibilities play like a movie in your mind: Rolling along a golden landscape, your eyes plying the plains for a spectacular sight.

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Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking Packages

More than 40,000 people climb the world’s highest freestanding mountain every year. The mountain has become so popular it is known as “Everyman’s Everest”.

Available Kilimanjaro Climb Group to Join 2024/2025

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Tour Groups with Marangu Treks you can join!

Route Starting Date Ending Date Price (USD) Trip Availability
8 Days Lemosho Route 02 June 2024 09 June 2024 1,950 5 Pax
6 Days Marangu Route 03 June 2024 08 June 2024 $1,550 8 Pax
7 Days Machame Route 05 June 2024 11 June 2024 $1,700 8 Pax
7 Days Machame Route 07 June 2024 13 June 2024 $1,700 7 Pax
7 Days Lemosho Route 07 June 2024 13 June 2024 $1,820 5 Pax


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Greatest Tanzania Safari Packages

Tanzania is one of Africa's best safari destinations and one of the most well-known because of the high diversity of wildlife, habitat, culture and activities.

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Optional Activities During a Tanzania Adventure Safari

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